Members of the Chair of Urban Design and Urban Development teach urban design as an ’act of shaping’ as well as a process of negotiation between the diverse needs and visions of different stakeholders. Besides conceptual design skills and building design theory, students also learn communicative and analytical competency as well as tools for representation in planning (i.a. CAD, GIS). The teaching is linked to research projects of the department, as well as experiences from the planning-praxis are incorporated.
The department offers courses in the Bachelor and Master degree program City and Regional Planning and in the Master degree program Urban Design. Teaching formats encompass lectures, life-projects and design studios and seminars and include the supervision of BA and MA thesis work. A special peer-to-peer format is the “Mikro-Akademie”, which offers additional course work in design and research methods.
Prof. Dr. Angela Million is the person responsible for following Modules
BA Urban and Regional Planning

  • B8 Theory of Urban Design
  • B10 Urban Design and Land-use Planning
  • B15.1 Data analysis and Geo-Information Analysis / (GIS)
  • B15.2 Micro-Academy/Mikroakademie

MA Urban and Regional Planning

  • M5.1 Core module Urban Design and Building Culture (SP I)
  • M10.2 Micro-Academy/Mikroakademie

MA Urban Design

  • P1 
Urban Design Methods and Tools
  • PJ SRP Urban and Regional Planning