Smart People & Urban Commoning

2014 – 2016

The sym­po­sium “Beware of Smart People” addres­sed the con­flic­tual rea­lity in which Smart City approa­ches are cur­r­ently unfol­ding. Inter­na­tio­nal scho­l­ars and practitioners:

(1) Reflec­ted on the “Smart City” as a con­tes­ted paradigm;

(2) Shifted the dis­course towards the notion of the urban as co-pro­du­ced by many voices;

(3) Attemp­ted to rede­fine “Smart City” by put­ting ordi­nary citi­zens as “Smart People” at the core of the debate.

För­de­rung: TU Dia­log­platt­form

Bear­bei­tung: Andreas Brück, Prof. Dr. Angela Million


TU Dia­log­platt­form
Mak­e­City Festival


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Stoll­mann, Jörg / Wolf, Kon­rad / Brück, Andreas / Frank, Sybille / Mil­lion, Angela / Mis­sel­witz, Phil­ipp / Schlaack, Johanna / Schrö­der, Caro­lin (Hrsg.) (2016): Beware of smart people! Rede­fi­ning the smart city para­digm towards inclu­sive urba­nism. Pro­cee­dings of the 2015 “Beware of Smart People!” sym­po­sium.
ISBN 978–3‑7983–2846‑4 (print) / ISBN 978–3‑7983–2847‑1 (online)


WiSe 2014 Dia­lo­gi­sche Ver­an­stal­tungs­reihe ‚Smart People & Urban Com­mo­ning‘ Dozent: Brück