Cities and regions today are undergoing far-reaching changes conditioned by climate change, socio-cultural and demographic changes as well as new economic and technological developments. In the light of this, the research and teaching at the Chair of Urban Design and Urban Development combines knowledge of space and people for the aim of sustainable and livable city development. With interest in spatial qualities and people, the department is committed to integrated scholarship, which crosses disciplinary boundaries, researches theories and practical planning approaches and investigates possible solutions in national as well as international context.

Themes of the current research projects and PhDs

  • Educational spaces and urban planning, cities as educational settings
  • Built environment education (BEE) for children and youth, participatory urban design
  • Future cities and resource-efficient urban design
  • Housing: development, processes, stakeholders
  • Urban food systems, retail and infrastructure development
  • Methods of teaching urban design, visual communication and cartography