Cities and regi­ons today are under­go­ing far-reaching chan­ges con­di­tio­ned by cli­mate change, socio-cul­tu­ral and demo­gra­phic chan­ges as well as new eco­no­mic and tech­no­lo­gi­cal deve­lo­p­ments. In the light of this, the rese­arch and tea­ching at the Chair of Urban Design and Urban Deve­lo­p­ment com­bi­nes know­ledge of space and people for the aim of sus­tainable and liv­a­ble city deve­lo­p­ment. With inte­rest in spa­tial qua­li­ties and people, the depart­ment is com­mit­ted to inte­gra­ted scho­l­ar­s­hip, which cros­ses disci­pli­nary bounda­ries, rese­ar­ches theo­ries and prac­ti­cal plan­ning approa­ches and inves­ti­ga­tes pos­si­ble solu­ti­ons in natio­nal as well as inter­na­tio­nal context.

The­mes of the cur­rent rese­arch pro­jects and PhDs

  • Edu­ca­tio­nal spaces and urban plan­ning, cities as edu­ca­tio­nal settings
  • Built envi­ron­ment edu­ca­tion (BEE) for child­ren and youth, par­ti­ci­pa­tory urban design
  • Future cities and resource-effi­ci­ent urban design
  • Housing: deve­lo­p­ment, pro­ces­ses, stakeholders
  • Urban food sys­tems, retail and infra­st­ruc­ture development
  • Methods of tea­ching urban design, visual com­mu­ni­ca­tion and cartography