Regio­nal City – The Future of Peri­phery | WS 2013/14

Dozen­ten: A. Brück, A.J. Hein­rich
Modul: MA SRP 3
Umfang: 3 SWS
Ver­an­stal­tungs­typ: PJ
Ter­mine: Mitt­wochs 16.00 – 18.00 Uhr
1. Ter­min: 23.10.2013
Raum: SE-RH

Peri­phery, Metro­po­li­tan Region, Urban Fringe, Sce­n­a­rios, Future Visi­ons
While in an urban age city-eupho­ria and ideas about the future deve­lo­p­ment of big cities, the peri­phery is often for­got­ten and / or igno­red. Not­with­stan­ding, a large seg­ment of any popu­la­tion lives at the frin­ges of major cities; and while there are some con­cepts for e.g. inter­me­diate cities, sprawls and edge cities, there is still a lack of dis­course on the pos­si­bi­li­ties of these areas.
Bran­den­burg is the peri­phery of Ber­lin. Ber­lin is the city in the cen­ter of Bran­den­burg. Since 1989, pro­found struc­tu­ral chan­ges take place here: the fall of the wall, the mer­ger, exces­sive expec­ta­ti­ons since the late 90s, the rapid colo­niz­a­tion of sub­ur­bia with model homes and the fight against struc­tu­ral degra­dation in the coun­try­side…
Wit­hin this set­ting the sub­ur­ban area com­pri­sing Straus­berg-Rue­ders­dorf-Schönei­che / Groß­wol­ters­dorf / Erkner will be the case study to explore and the inspi­ra­tion to look for inno­va­tive ideas, future stra­te­gies, visi­ons and sce­n­a­rios…
After a Sum­mer-School (tog­e­ther with stu­dents from KTH Stock­holm) in Sep­tem­ber the stu­dio class will con­ti­nue throughout the semes­ter. The stu­dio class will be taught in Eng­lish.