Gresakova, Lydia / Tabackova, Zuzana / Spolka (Hrsg.)
Mapping the in-between
Interdisciplinary methods for envisioning other futures
Print: 978-80-973580-0-6
Online: 978-80-973580-1-3
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The bilingual publication Mapping the in-between: Interdisciplinary methods for envisioning other futures is the outcome of the international summer school that explored the potential of interdisciplinary mapping and utopian visioning as an alternative way of developing the city. During the school, various proposals were made as actual alternatives to those of the commodified real estate market and the dreams of large developments of filling in the ‘empty’ spaces of the many brownfields. The texts collected here were developed in Košice, Slovakia, with the help of Never-never school’s participants and are a unique insight into the new possible models of cooperation and collaboration.