Nordic Urban Spaces



The exhibition »Nordic Urban Spaces« aimed at opening a discourse on baukultur and qualities of urban design by showing examples of Nordic architecture and urban planning – not ideas for the future, but already implemented projects that make spaces more charitable and beautiful and life in the city more enjoyable.
Innovative and clear, thought-through and participative – this is how Nordic public architecture presents itself in this exhibition and proves that functionality and sustainability, consideration and elegance are not mutually exclusive. The show brings together many successful examples of Nordic construction and planning:

  • how to incorporate nature into the city and bring the public out into the wilderness;
  • how to provide bright light and radiant colors in the long and dark winter months;
  • how the public – including children, animals and plants – can be involved in the development of their cities;
  • how to open up buildings for public and common use all year round and experiment with alternative forms of living and living together through courageous functional mixing.

Various architectural offices participated by providing different materials such as pictures, drawings, films, books and models to form this unique exhibition. The exhibition architecture was designed by Zuzana Tabačková and built by a local manufacturer. No new furniture was built for the exhibition and almost all the material used was recycled from former exhibitions. The exhibition and the supporting program attracted almost 22.000 visitors to Felleshus, an average of 252 visitors per day. This figure easily matches the numbers from the last Nordic exhibitions in Felleshus.


Nordic Council of Ministers


Kuratoren-Team: Andreas Brück, Zuzana Tabacková, Prof. Dr. Angela Million
Assistenz: Colin Delargy, Robin Hüppe