Military Urbanism | WS 2012/13

Kernseminar Städtebau
Dozentin: Prof. Dr. Uttke, Andreas Brück
Modul MA SRP5
Umfang: 4 SWS
Veranstaltungstyp: SE
Termine: Mittwochs 10.00 – 14.00 Uhr
1. Termin: Mi. 24.10.12
Raum: SE-RH

Cities and towns all over the world are influenced considerably by military and security policy – they are the battleground of today’s urban world. Military infrastructure shaped and is still shaping our cities. Be it the militarization and surveillance of borders, the use of ‘security’ concerns to legitimize constant tracking, scanning and controlling of urban inhabitants with high-tech methods, the all-influencing discourse on ‘terrorism’ or heavily armoredprivate security forces guarding gated communities – Military Urbanism permeates into the urban fabric and influences urban life around the world.
The reading and design seminar will have a closer look at different aspects of military urbanism, its past and present, its sites, spaces, infrastructures, form and symbols as well as the use, reuse and transformation of cities through Military urbanism. Subtopics will be e.g.

    • Urban Conflict & Violence
    • History of the City as a Weapon
    • War ON the city
    • Control of Public Space
    • Military Infrastructures
    • Challenges for Post-War Cities

The class will be mainly taught in English.
Assignments will be an essay on a relevant topic or an information design for the ARCH+ competition OUT OF BALANCE.
Outlook SS 2013: The class is a thematic base to the urban design course „Stegreif Städtebau“ in the summer term 2013. It will consist of excursions to Barcelona, Spain and Cluj, Romania (optional 1 out of 2) and international student workshops at the TU Dortmund as well as in Berlin (optional 1 out of 2) with students from Michigan State University all in May 2013.


Military Urbanism | WS 2012/13

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