Mikro­aka­de­mie SS 14
Dozen­tin: Cait­lin Berrigan
Frei­tags, 06. & 13. Juni 2014

Sky­line Parade: Per­for­mance, archi­tec­ture & art inter­ven­ti­ons in the city­scape In this Mikro­kurs, we will con­si­der per­for­mance art in public space as a dia­lo­gue with urban plan­ning. Tog­e­ther we will stage our own archi­tec­ture parade as an inter­ven­tion in the sky­lines of Ber­lin. Drawing from past archi­tec­tu­ral pro­po­si­ti­ons for the city of Ber­lin through com­pe­ti­tion designs and incom­plete pro­jects, we will con­struct buil­dings-as-cos­tu­mes to wear in a parade of pos­si­ble urban out­co­mes. The first ses­sion of the Mikro­kurs will be devo­ted to selec­ting these pro­po­si­tio­nal buil­dings, then prin­ting and con­struc­ting them into weara­ble cos­tume props. Each par­ti­ci­pant will be respon­si­ble for crea­ting at least one cos­tume. The second ses­sion of the Mikro­kurs will be devo­ted to para­ding these pro­po­si­tio­nal archi­tec­tures out in the city and crea­ting new “sky­lines” for Ber­lin at cho­sen sites. Each par­ti­ci­pant will give crea­tive input into the selec­tion of these sites throughout the city, and the arran­ge­ment of buil­dings wit­hin the land­s­cape. We will docu­ment our collec­tively cho­reo­gra­phed sky­lines in a series of pho­to­graphs, to form flee­ting, pro­po­si­tio­nal land­s­capes for Berlin.

Es fal­len Druck­kos­ten an bzw. wird je nach Teil­neh­mer­zahl ein Unkos­ten­bei­trag von etwa 10€ erwartet.
Teil­neh­me­rIn­nen erhal­ten 1 LP. Anmel­dun­gen zur Teil­nahme (bitte mit Angabe von Name und Matr. Nr.) bis zum 05. Juni 2014 per e‑mail an: a.​brueck@​isr.​tu-​berlin.​de