04. – 22. Novem­ber 2019
Exhibition of Built Environment Education for Children and Youth
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Built environment education (BEE) for children and youth is an interdisciplinary field, incorporating architecture, urban planning and design, arts, environmental education, educational studies and pedagogy. BEE utilizes the built environment (BE) – settlements, buildings and landmarks – as a subject, a context for learning and a curricular resource. There are various actors all over the world working in the field of BEE. Their backgrounds range from education officers in museums, dedicated architecture centres and the wider cultural/third sector, through design and planning practitioners to teachers in schools and kindergartens.




This Ludantia exhibition, hosted at Technical University Berlin, aims to bring together people working in disparate areas of the BEE field and thus further establish BEE as a unique field of education, research and practice internationally.

A selection of 33 projects exhibited here at the TU Berlin is part of the Ludantia touring exhibition presenting various education projects like quick actions, projects executed during and outside of the school hours, as well as various BEE methodologies, from 18 countries.

The projects suggest that the best way to reflect on the built environment is through doing and hands-on activities, as this is the way to transform the world, we live in. The exhibited educational projects represent transformation of spaces through the use of artistic language of architecture, painting, sculpture, literature, cinema, theatre, dance and many others. In all of the presented projects children and youth were instigators of the work and the projects exclusively. Showcased BEE projects critically reflect upon public, urban, school and natural spaces from an education perspective, compiling space improvement proposals as an evidence of transformative vison of the children and young people that took part in them.

The exhibition is invited through a research project titled Built Environment Education for Children: International Policy and Practice hosted at Chair for Urban Design and Urban Development, Institute of Urban and Reginal Planning at TU Berlin. The project is carried out by Prof. Dr. Rosie Parnell (Northumbria University, UK), Prof. Dr. Angela Million (TU Berlin, Germany) and Asst. Prof. Dr. Marta Brković Dodig (Union Nikola Tesla University, Serbia) and financed through Alexander von Humboldt Postdoctoral Fellowship program.

Together with all the accompanying events this Ludantia exhibition presents the efforts of the research team to provide a platform for a vivid international debate about the conditions needed for creating and sustaining BEE programs, gaps in the knowledge and understanding, and the future of BEE regarding main lines of development, delivery formats, important driver institution as well as the future research and policy development.


Public Program


Exhibition opening and lectures:

04.11. @17:00h:

"Ludantia" by Jorge Raedo
"EMPOWERED: Pedagogy and processes enabling young people to shape our cities" by Fiona MacDonald & Matthew Springett


Books Launch and Presentation:

07.11. @18:00h:

Bildungsorte und Lernwelten der Baukultur

14.11. @18:00h:

Handbuch der Baukulturellen Bildung – Jugend Architektur Stadt



Supported by Alexander von Humboldt Foundation



Prof. Dr. Angela Mil­lion
Dr. Marta Brko­vić Dodig
Zuzana Tabač­ková

Dr. Igna­cio Cas­tillo Ulloa
Peer Frant­zen