Wüs­ten­rot Stif­tung:
Lear­ning in built envi­ron­ment edu­ca­tion
2016 – 2019


The term “built environment” refers to the creation, utilization and appropriation of man-made surroundings as a social process based on a wide consensus on values and goals. Over the last decade, the social debate surrounding built environments has been characterized by a plethora of voices on the educational structure in this field (also known as architectural pedagogy) in Germany. The call for social actors to participate in forming the built environment has been one of the driving factors in this debate. As a result, exchanging knowledge and skills on shaping the environment has emerged as a social responsibility of growing importance.

There is a widespread dispute concerning the aspects of planning, building and structuring said environments led by numerous players in various formats and in assorted formal and informal settings. Both institutions and everyday experiences offer participants sundry motives and opportunities for learning. As of yet, there is no empirical research available on the sustainability of learning experiences with regard to the teaching methods for built environment education, especially from a biographical perspective. The objective of this research is to develop various »Moments and Processes in Built Environment Education«. Those moments and processes will be examined from different points of view (by adolescents and instructors), in various formats (teaching goals, methodological approaches) and with respect to diverse correlated effects (direct, biographical).



Prof. Dr.-Ing. Angela Mil­lion
Dr.-Ing. Felix Bent­lin
Dr. Ing. Anna Juliane Hein­rich
Sarah Klepp
Ulrike Damerau



Wüs­ten­rot Stif­tung
Uni­ver­si­tät Sie­gen
Tech­ni­sche Uni­ver­si­tät Ber­lin



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Oder here: https://wuestenrot-stiftung.de/publikationen/bildungsorte-und-lernwelten-der-baukultur/

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SS 2016: Kernseminar Städtebau und Baukultur
Dozentin: Prof. Angela Million

WS 2012/13: Jugendliche als Stadtproduzenten
Dozentin: Anna Juliane Heinrich