Future School? Village!
Dr. Grit Bürgow
Dr. Marta Brkovic
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B5 | Bachelor-Auftragsprojekt
Dozentinnen: Dr. Grit Bürgow, Dr. Marta Brković
LV-Nr.: 06361300 L05
Umfang: 8 SWS / 12 ECTS
Veranstaltungstyp: Projektseminar
1. Termin: 22.10.2018
montags 14.00 – 18.00h
Raum: SE-RH 006 (Atelier)

World populations are increasingly moving from rural to urban centers. This is a global phenomenon across the spectrum of developed and developing economies. The United Nations in 2009 and the International Organization for Migration in 2015 both estimated that around 3 million people are moving to cities every week. While urban center grow exponentially, villages across the world die at an rampant rate. The reasons for this trend are complex and multi-layered. Experts agree that better educational opportunities in (mega)-cities are one of the reasons.
The studio FUTURE SCHOOL? VILLAGE! will deal with this problematic and ask whether better educational opportunities in the village mean village revival in the contemporary times? How does the future village school look like? Is a school building necessary or can a whole village be a learning space? If yes, what spatial forms can such a ´village school´ have? Who are the teachers and pupils? What can you learn? What is the learning content, how is it created and who can create it? How can rural knowledge survive in the contemporary times? How can you design these unconventional learning formats and places? And who is involved in these (co-) design processes?
The studio will build upon the results from a national winter school „Lehr- und lernraum des StadtLands“ where eleven Universities participated. The project proposed StadtLand campus as space for dialogue between science and local society, and experimentation regarding transformative planning and building, which can contribute to the creation of sustainable communities.
The students will explore contemporary literature on the matter from the field of urban planning, architecture, sustainable design, pedagogy and sociology; and learn from international references about new unconventional learning formats. The semester assignment will be a design of a village school on a real location based on a available research on the topic and rendered through students creative vision.

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Future School? Village!

Dr. Grit Bürgow
Dr. Marta Brkovic
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