Aljoscha Hofmann
Frag­men­tier­ter Städ­te­bau – Stadt­ent­wick­lung im öst­li­chen Spre­e­raum in Berlin

The area of the Eas­tern River Spree has been one of the most important urban deve­lo­p­ment areas of Ber­lin after the fall of the wall – important con­cer­ning the dimen­sion, the con­flicts and the type of deve­lo­p­ment. Estab­lis­hed methods and pro­ces­ses of urban design have been dis­ar­ran­ged loo­king at this example. Ins­tead of an appro­ved con­se­cu­tion of plan and pro­ject, sta­bile con­stel­la­ti­ons of actors, inte­rests and instru­ments the urban design pro­cess and pro­duct of this deve­lo­p­ment have become frag­men­ted. Only with a tem­po­ral reflec­tion of the barely con­nec­ted plans and pro­jects this pro­duct beco­mes com­pre­hen­si­ble. With the aim to estab­lish the type of a „frag­men­ted urban design“ the dis­ser­ta­tion pro­jects also links local spe­ci­fics with glo­bal trends, e.g. water­front developments.