Eva­lua­tion of the EU-Pro­­­ject „Fan­tasy Design – Child­ren in Com­mu­nity (2009–2011)“

2011 – 2012

grant aut­hor: Design­mu­seo Hel­sinki (The Fin­nish Museum of Art and Design), Fin­land; Design Museum Gent, Bel­gium; CVU Zea­land Hind­holm Social­pa­edago­giske Semi­na­rium, Den­mark; Museo Nacio­nal de Artes Deco­ra­ti­vas Madrid, Spain
rese­ar­chers: Prof. Dr. Angela Uttke & Juliane Heinrich
Aim of the eva­lua­tion is to reflect on out­co­mes of the EU-Pro­ject “Fan­tasy Design – Child­ren in Com­mu­nity (2009–2011)” and to dis­cuss opti­ons for fur­ther inter­na­tio­nal pro­jects on design edu­ca­tion. The eva­lua­tion is based on the pro­jects objec­ti­ves, which are: (1) to deepen and to extent the col­la­bo­ra­tion with cen­tral orga­niz­a­ti­ons in design edu­ca­tion, (2) to pro­mote con­tents and acti­vi­ties of inno­va­tive design edu­ca­tion in Europe, (3) to create for child­ren and young people a frame­work for infor­mal lear­ning and net­wor­king in local com­mu­nities through real design tasks, (4) to use the pos­si­bi­li­ties of digi­tal media (inter­ac­tive web­site) for col­la­bo­ra­tion and cross-cul­tu­ral dia­lo­gue bet­ween child­ren, young people, desi­gners, edu­ca­tors and other stakeholders.
Web­seite: http://​www​.fan​ta​sy​de​sign​.org/fd/
Mil­lion, Angela / Hein­rich, Anna Juliane (2014): Lin­king Par­ti­ci­pa­tion and Built Envi­ron­ment Edu­ca­tion in Urban Plan­ning Pro­ces­ses. In: Cur­rent Urban Stu­dies, 2, 335–349. http://​dx​.doi​.org/​1​0​.​4​2​3​6​/​c​u​s​.​2​0​1​4​.​24032.
Uttke, Angela (2012): Towards the Future Design and Deve­lo­p­ment of Cities with Built Envi­ron­ment Edu­ca­tion. Expe­ri­en­ces of Scale, Methods, and Out­co­mes. In: Pro­ce­dia – Social and Beha­vio­ral Sci­en­ces 45 ( 2012 ), pp. 3–13. Online: http://​www​.sci​en​ce​di​rect​.com/​s​c​i​e​n​c​e​/​a​r​t​i​c​l​e​/​p​i​i​/​S​1​8​7​7​0​4​2​8​1​2​0​22732