BMBF: Eyecatcher! Accompanying Research of a Youth Participation Project

2013 – 2017

funding: in context of the Federal Programme “Culture is Strength. Education Alliances” by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research
researchers: Prof. Dr. Angela Uttke & Anna Juliane Heinrich; student assistant: Stefanie Bombach
cooperating partners: Youth Architecture City (JAS – Jugend Architektur Stadt e. V.), Silke Edelhoff
“Eye-catcher” is a youth participation project of the youth association Youth Architecture City (JAS e. V.) which is funded by the Federal Programme “Culture is Strength. Education Alliances” from 2013 to 2017. The Federal Programme promotes the development of local networks with the aim of implementing extracurricular, cultural activities for older children and adolescents. In this broader context the project “Eyecatcher” activates young people for the use, appropriation and design of public spaces in the city. Every year throughout the project duration young people will explore public spaces in their neighbourhood and change them temporarily or permanently with “eyecatchers” in Hamburg, the Ruhr region and Berlin.
The Chair of Urban Design & Urban Development will together with Youth Architecture City (JAS e. V.) conduct an accompanying research for the project “Eyecatcher”.
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